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Lighting Cheese

There is nothing quite like melted cheese.

At the end of last week, we ventured out on a shoot to film a new promo video for 'Beau Fromage', a wonderful independent family business who specialise in crafting cheese boards and running a custom-made raclette cheese trailer for use at festivals, weddings and events.

The shoot itself was a great success however it did present one particular production challenge. The extremely changeable British Weather. One moment we had sun, the next it was overcast, the following it started to snow and, before we knew it, the sun was back giving us all a tan. Of course this affected our lighting choices and we quickly were taking full advantage of the built in wireless technology of our Aputure lighting kit as well as the flexibility in the RED Komodo Cinema Camera's R3D codec.

By matching and augmenting the light from the sun and combining this with diffusion, we were able to maintain a high degree of consistency in the look of the film across its entire runtime. We would only have to do minimal tweaks in the colour grade in order to smooth out any kinks. This was only possible with the small crew that we had, owing to the wireless technology built into our lights. We could adapt these on the fly from whilst looking down the lens of the camera and checking scopes to smooth out any shifts. This ensured that the lighting remained consistent as possible, whilst not having to stop the shoot continually to adjust the light intensity.

The results of the process speak for themselves. The project has a consistent look and feel across its different sections and was all captured across the one inconsistent shooting day. We are proud of the results we achieved and are looking forward to sharing the the finished video with you soon! A huge thanks goes out to Amanda Watson of Beau Fromage for being a brilliant collaborative partner to work with.


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