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Celebrating Success at 'The Horror Movie Awards'

Updated: May 12, 2022

Today marked the beginning of my new short film The Magpie's festival run. It has been a strong start.

To know that the film, which has been a part of my and my team's life for the past two and a half years, is finally out in the open and being enjoyed by audiences across the globe is incredibly gratifying and fulfilling. To every individual who worked on the film, from the production crew at Aftermath Films to our own post-production team here at Hotlight Entertainment to Alan at 8db Sound, I say thank you for your hard work and dedication. It is clearly starting to pay off.

Our first stop on the festival tour has been the Canadian Festival, 'The Horror Movie Awards'. Our very first public audience clearly has responded well to the short horror flick, and have shown their appreciation by recognising us with SIX awards.

These include:

We are proud of all six of these and would like to extend our thanks to 'The Horror Movie Awards' for the laurels. Best Films and Top Artistic Achievements clearly stand out as testament to the whole team's efforts. Obviously, I am personally also very happy with the award for Short Film Director... A special shout out to Becki Pantling for her performance in the lead role which has earned her some well deserved recognition as well.

This is but the first of the festivals the film has been entered for and I am very hopeful that this is an indicator of great things to come for all. We have our first cinema screening confirmed for February, COVID permitting of course, and we will endeavour to keep you all updated as the film continues on its journey.


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